TeamViewer 15.3.8497 (Repack & Portable)

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The TeamViewer (Repack & Portable)  is an easy-to-use program for remote is Gaining access to computers bypassing firewalls, blocked ports, as with the well as with the NAT routing of the IP addresses The local. In addition, it is possible to show other users their own desktop and presentations, as well as transfer files. The program uses secure data transmission channels with key exchange and encryption of the AES session.

Key features:
- Remote administration of user computers and servers;
- Ability to share files;
- The use of secure data channels with key exchange and encryption of the AES session;
- A convenient list of active users with the ability to connect;
- Ability to run the program without installing it on a local computer;
- Demonstration of presentations and your own desktop to other users;
- Remote access bypassing firewalls blocked ports, as well as NAT routing of local IP addresses;
- Ability to work with a remote computer through a browser;
- Optimized display quality and data transfer rate.


Download Link:
15.3.8497 the TeamViewer  of Full / Portable - 41.4Mb
15.3.8497 the TeamViewer  of Full / Portable / Host  - 64.5Mb
15.3.8497 TeamViewer  Portable -  19, 7Mb  / in one file without ads
15.3.8497 the TeamViewer QuickSupport  - 14.7Mb  / in one's file without the ads

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