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How to Publish To the app store

Over the years, Apple’s App Store has grown into a vibrant ecosystem for millions of developers and more than a billion users.

Once you’ve developed an iOS app, you’ll need to submit it to the App Store. Submitting your app successfully to the App Store can provide numerous rewards, but the process includes plenty of challenges. According to Apple, 62% of common app rejections occur due to non-compliance with the main Apple guidelines.

This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide to the iOS app submission process.
There are 8 main steps required to successfully publish your iOS app in Apple’s App Store:
  • Make sure your app can pass Apple’s App Store Guidelines
  • Test your app to ensure there are no bugs or crashes
  • Register for an Apple developer program account
  • Create an iTunes Connect app record
  • Configure your app for distribution with the appropriate information
  • Upload your app
  • Submit your version for official review
  • Release

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