How to creat Steker and publish on market viber

Messaging apps are only good when many people use them. That's why the market is dominated by a few big players like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and good ol' text messages. Other platforms have to find ways to incentivize people to switch to them, and one way to do that is by offering features the leaders don't yet have. That's why Viber is introducing Create a Sticker, allowing you to make and share your own sticker sets without leaving the app.

As of the latest Android update, Viber lets you create your own collection of up to 24 items each. To get started, you can open the new creator tool in the platform's sticker market or via a menu inside any chat. The editor allows you to pick your own images before zooming, rotating, or cropping them via a magic wand tool. It's also possible to add decorations. Finished packs can be labeled as public or private, depending on how widely you want to share them.

Custom stickers aren't unique to Viber — Telegram has had the same capability for more than five years and Gboard allows you to create some based on a selfie. Being late to the market has benefits, though. Viber's solution is much easier to discover than Gboard's and way simpler than Telegram's, which relies on a tedious chatbot.

The update enabling the feature will roll out on the Play Store over the next couple of days. Desktop and iOS users will have to wait some more time until it becomes available to them.

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