Download Kinemaster Pro Mod 4.11.16 Apk 2019

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Video editing is one of the more advanced needs of editing. Often people will take photos or selfies and then use the tools to make it more “deep.” But when you want to do it with videos, it’s hard. In fact, it is still possible but only with concise videos about 20 seconds with the filters available only. For longer videos, a stronger application is definitely needed. KineMaster is an extremely good choice for amateurs who just want to make a video for fun or even semi-professionals can use it as a post-production application.

🔥🔥Special Features Of Kinemaster Apk🔥🔥
🔴 Video Reverse Mode 🔄
🔴 New Premium Colour Filters 🎞️
🔴 Video Split ✂️ Support Upto 0.1 Sec
🔴 Video Speed ⏭️ Upto 4x, 8x, 16x
🔴 Unlimited Video Layer 🔥😲
🔴 New Blending Feature 😍😍
🔴 Export Upto 4k @60Fps🔥
🔴 Without Watermark 🚫
🔴 New Premium Transitions 🔄
🔴 New Premium Overlays ✔️
🔴 Speed Optimized ⏭️
🔴 Video Sizes 16:9, 9:16, 1:1✔️
🔴 Updated Asset Store 😍
🔴 All Premium Features Unlocked 🔓

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